Tax Collection


The mission of the Tax Collector is to collect all Real Estate, Personal Property and Motor Vehicle tax revenue due to the City of Norwich in accordance with Connecticut State Statutes as well as provide taxpayers with information and assistance in a prompt and courteous manner. Tax bills are generated based on the mill rate set by the City Council in the adopted budget, and the Grand List (GL) provided from the assessor of all taxable property located in Norwich as of October 1 of each year.

This function is done by the Tax Collector, the Collector of Delinquent Taxes, and the Revenue Clerks.

Motor Vehicle Taxes for July 1, 2017

The City of Norwich will not be mailing motor vehicle tax bills in July this year. The 2016 GL Motor Vehicle taxes shall become due and payable in whole on October 1, 2017 and must be paid on or before November 1, 2017 to avoid any interest or penalties. The time frame for those bills is October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017.

Online Property Tax Information & Payments

Norwich property tax information is available by clicking on Tax Bill Inquiry. Taxes can be paid directly from that website. Payments are accepted from ACH, credit, or debit cards. Convenience fees apply. In June of 2017 the City changed Since their vendor administering the payment transactions, all prior information, including accounts, login and password information, are no longer valid.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding paying your tax bills online when you have delinquent motor vehicle taxes and need to register or reregister a vehicle. Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles. If any inquiry results in instructions to contact the Tax Collector’s office, please call us at 860-823-3760.

All delinquent personal property taxes from the 2014 GL and prior, as well as all delinquent motor vehicle tax bills from the 2013 GL and prior have been turned over to the collection agency, Rossi Law Offices, LTD. Per State Statutes, the oldest taxes must be paid in full before we can accept payment on later tax bills.

Tax Payment Drop Box

There is a locked drop box for tax payments on the Broadway side of City Hall. It will be emptied, and processed each business day. Any payments left in the box after the Tax Collector's office closes will be considered as having been paid the following business day.

Payments deposited in the drop box at 4:30 p.m. of the last day of the grace period with be subject to 2 months’ worth of interest (3%) or $2, whichever is greater. No exceptions.