Upcoming Events/Trainings/Opportunities

Upcoming Events

Kelly Garden Clean-up (1)Grandparent and Grandkid Cookie Decorating at the Senior Center

Ongoing Opportunities

  • Grandparents Raising Grandkids Support Group To learn more, email Erin Haggan
  • Talk Saves Lives Suicide Prevention for Parents This training is available for schools, youth groups, and community groups. For more information or to book a presentation, contact Erin @ 860-823-3782x3483 or email.
  • SOS Signs of Suicide Presentation for Youth: Through a video and guided discussion, youth will learn to identify warning signs of suicide and depression. The curriculum raises awareness about behavioral health and encourages students to ACT (Acknowledge, Care, Tell) when worried about themselves or their peers.  For more information or to book a presentation, contact Erin @ 860-823-3782x3483 or email.

You holding sign that says your illness does not define you, your strength and courage does

  • Substance Abuse Prevention & Education This 7-week course covers basic information on most drugs, including alcohol, marijuana, opioids, inhalants & vaping. Participants will receive accurate information about the effects of drug use on the body, particularly the brain, and on their personal development and choices. This class is appropriate for most middle school & high school youth. Parents or school personnel can make referrals for this program to Rayallen Bergman @ 860-823-3782x3471 or click here to email
  • Peace At Home Parenting EssentialsThis program allows FREE access to hundreds of pre-recorded and frequently scheduled live classes for parents. 
  • Youth 2 Youth Leadership Program This ongoing program is open to middle school students, is an interactive group focusing on youth leadership and drug prevention. To learn more, or register, email Rayallen Bergman  Middle school leadership students holding books to promote mental health