Adult Wellness & Enrichment Programs

Tai Chi for Beginners

Tai Chi involves a series of movements performed in a slow, focused manner, and accompanied by deep breathing to achieve the ultimate relaxation while increasing your flexibility, balance, and agility. Join us to expand your aerobic capacity and muscle strength, and increase your energy.

Ages:       16 & Up
Dates:      9/16 - 10/21 & 11/4 - 12/16 (No class 11/25)
Day:         Wednesdays
Time:        7:00 - 8:00 pm
Fee:         $45 Res. / $55 Non-Res.
Location:  Norwich Recreation Department

tai chi

dog obedience

Basic Dog Obedience

This six week class is designed to focus on building reliable basic obedience skills. Items covered will include leash manners, commands such as "Come", "Leave It", "Sit", "Down" and "Stay". No previous training is required.  Rabies certificate is required. First class includes the dog & handler. Only one dog per handler. Please bring water and a bowl, treats, waste bags to clean up after your dog, a non-slip mat, and a NON-RETRACTABLE leash is required. 6 weeks.

Ages:       Any
Dates:      9/19 - 10/24 & 11/7 - 12/19 (No class on 11/28)
Day:         Saturdays
Time:        11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Fee:         $90 Res. / $100 Non-Res.
Location:  Norwich Recreation Department

CPR & First Aid Certification

If you need CPR training for a job or to satisfy an OSHA-mandated job requirement or you just want to know how to keep your loved ones safe, the American Red Cross has world-class courses to ensure that you get the latest information, and quality instruction. Class will cover Adult, Child CPR/AED and First Aid in a blended online format. Open to new and re-certification students.

Ages:       14 & Up
Dates:      9/17; 10/15; 11/12 
Day:         Thursdays
Time:        6:00 - 8:00 pm
Fee:         $70 Res. / $80 Non-Res.
Location:  Norwich Recreation Department

cpr and first aid

Self Defense

Self-defense class will teach you awareness, assertiveness, verbal confrontation skills, safety strategies, and physical techniques that enable someone to successfully escape, resist, and survive violent attacks. This class will give you potential lifesaving skills!

Ages:       16 & Up
Dates:      9/14 - 10/26 & 11/2 - 12/7
Day:         Mondays
Time:        6:30 - 7:30 pm
Fee:         $40 Res. / $50 Non-Res.
Location:  Norwich Recreation Department

Stock Market Basicsstock market basics

Learn how the stock market works and ways to invest in it. This 3-week course is open to anyone who is interested. Participants will learn the ins and outs of trading and master their skills with a fun paper trading competition. Take advantage of this amazing class! 3 weeks.

Ages:       16 & Up
Dates:      9/16 - 9/30 & 11/4 - 11/18
Day:         Wednesdays
Time:        6:30 - 7:15 pm
Fee:         FREE
Location:  Online

adult yoga

Essential Yoga

Yoga is for everybody in every body and this class delivers a well-rounded yoga practice that is appropriate for all levels. It will be taught in the flowing style, marrying breath and movement, a basic component of any Hatha yoga practice. Bring a yoga mat. 6 weeks.

Ages:       16 & Up
Dates:      9/14 - 10/19 & 11/2 - 12/7
Day:         Mondays
Time:        6:00 - 7:00 pm
Fee:         $45 Res. / $55 Non-Res.
Location:  Brothers of Joseph Synagogue; 2 Broad Street, Norwich

Yoga Basics

Yoga Basics is the perfect class for beginners or any student looking for a simpler practice.  You will learn basic yoga poses, breath work, and mindfulness techniques.  Modifications will be offered to accommodate all levels of ability.  Benefits include increased flexibility, improved strength, and stress reduction. 6 weeks.

Ages:       13 & Up
Dates:      9/15 - 10/20 & 11/3 - 12/8
Day:         Tuesdays
Time:        6:15 - 7:15 pm
Fee:         $40 Res. / $50 Non-Res.
Location:  Norwich Recreation Department

Yin Yoga

This practice is accessible to all and will use blocks and straps to develop strength and increase flexibility throughout the whole body. No prior yoga experience is necessary. 6 weeks.

Ages:       16 & Up
Dates:      9/16 - 10/21 & 11/4 - 12/9
Day:         Wednesdays
Time:        9:00 - 10:00 am
Fee:         $45 Res. / $55 Non-Res.
Location:  Foundry 66; 66 Franklin Street, Norwich

Yin Yoga Clipart