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top 20 outdoor activities spring 2020
skyhawks family resources

Check out this special message from our friends over at Skyhawks! They have added a cool "Family Resources" page to their website with videos and links to at-home activities, virtual lessons, and their own video content.

Click the link below to see more! 

Looking to stay active? Check out these 95 free online workout videos from Les Mills!

Les Mills Workouts
Outdoor activities
How to Stay Active

Looking for tips & tricks to stay moving? Check out this awesome link from L.E.A.D. for free 30 minute webinars on how to stay active!

12 Indoor Movement and Exercise Activities
12 Indoor Movement and Exercise Activities

Hey everyone! Check out this COVID-19-prompted course for FREE! The 2-hour course is called, Yikes: Coping with the Anxiety of Uncertainty, and it empowers you to practice proactive self-care, minimize health risks, and maximize productivity from home amidst company-wide panic.…

Coping with the Anxiety of Uncertainty
Naked Egg Science Experiment
Sundial Experiment (2)
Beluga Whale Cam - Georgia Aquarium

Check out this amazing live cam from the Georgia Aquarium of their Beluga Whales!

13 at home play ideas for preschoolers and toddlers
9 Enrichment, Arts, and Educational Actvities
Quassy Magic

Want to sharpen up your Thursday morning stuck at home? Here’s an archived video from Quassy magician Jim Sisti. Enjoy!

Fun way to stay fit during these times! All you need is a deck of cards! Best part about this workout is you can change the exercises daily to focus on different muscle groups! Everyone enjoy, stay healthy and stay active!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ

Card Workout Challenge
San Diego Zoo

Bummed about everything being closed? Well the zoo isn’t! Check out live animal cams at the San Diego Zoo with your kiddos and enjoy your visit to the zoo from the comfort of your home!