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Rogers Road Transfer Station Fee Schedule
Unit of Measure Rate
Per Trip Fees - Garbage Residential Per ton $151
    Small kitchen garbage bag (13+/- gal) Per bag  $1
    Large garbage bag Per bag $2
Commercial Per ton 173
Per Trip Fees - Bulky Waste Residential Per ton 151
Commercial Per ton 173
Freon Units Each 10

Recyclable Materials Fees
Fees shown below are for drop-off at the Rogers Road Transfer Station.
Item Unit Rate
Brush (4' length maximum; 4" diameter maximum) No charge
Leaves    No charge
Single Stream Recyclables No charge
  (paper, cardboard, plastic food containers, aluminum cans, glass, etc.) as defined in
  Norwich Public Works regulations
Scrap metal No charge
Tires 21" diameter and smaller Each $3.00
Tires greater than 21" diameter Each $5.00
Storage batteries (lead acid, nickel cadmium, nickel hydride, cell phones, lithium ion) No charge
Waste oil / antifreeze (residential only) No charge
Electronic Waste (E-Waste - televisions, computers, monitors, printers, etc.) No charge
Fluorescent light bulbs (tubes and CFL's)    No charge
Paints/Oils/Stains (in original containers with original labels)    No charge