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Commission for Persons with Disabilities

Commission created to recommend accessible programs and services for persons with disabilities and in which obstacles hindering employment and enjoyment of those programs and services may be eliminated. Ordinance #1707, Dated October 20, 2014, see Article VII, Chapter 2, Sec 2-88 through 2-93.Shall consist of nine members; to include four members who are persons with disabilities, two members who are relatives of one or more persons with disabilities or who regularly work with or provide services to one or more persons with disabilities, and three additional members. Term is for Two Years or until their successor shall be appointed.  Renamed as per Ord. 1719 7/20/15.



Member Party  Term Ends
Vacancies - 2    
Daly, Janelle U 3/16/17
Harkins, Kevin D 3/16/19
Litton, Cynthia U 3/16/17
Menders, Michael D 3/16/17
O'Friel, Jane D 3/16/19
Scott, Lottie D 3/16/19
Sherman, Elanah  D 3/16/19

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Until approved, meeting minutes are drafts and subject to correction by the body for which they were prepared. Minutes are typically approved at the body’s next regular meeting. 
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Commission By-Laws

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