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Redevelopment Agency
  • Authority set forth in Connecticut General Statutes Sections 8-124 through 8-139 and Charter Sections 17-9 & 17-10 
  • City manager appoints, with Council approval, nine members to five-year terms
  • Community Development

Member Party Term Ends
Vacancy - 1    
Jacobs, Anthony R 2/28/20
Quarto, James M. (Chair) D 2/28/20
Blizard, Marjorie   2/28/17 
Kulos, Mark D 2/28/17
Buckley, Robert (Vice-Chair) R 2/28/18
Loose, Leland R 2/28/18
Rockett, C. J.  D 2/28/18
Braddock, H. Tucker Jr. D 2/28/19