Sachem Fund Board


  • Authority set forth in ordinance 1553, adopted on 1/2/07, which established the Sachem Fund
  • The Sachem Fund Board is composed as follows:
    • Mayor
    • A sitting member of the City Council
    • Comptroller
    • Community Development Supervisor
    • Two appointees determined by the City Council
    • A member of the Mohegan Tribal Council
  • Meeting dates and times are posted in the City Clerk's office


MemberPartyTerm Ends
Brown, Mark, Member of the Mohegan Tribal Council

Rhodes, Deanna (City Planner)

Nystrom, Peter A (Mayor)
Hayes, Shiela (Ald)D12/1/25
Pothier, Joshua - Comptroller

Quidgeon, William Jr. - Council Appointee

Scott, Lottie - Council Appointee

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Until approved, meeting minutes are drafts and subject to correction by the body for which they were prepared. Minutes are typically approved at the body’s next regular meeting.

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