Dog License

All dogs in Connecticut must be licensed. The Department of Agriculture has created a generic dog license application which can be filled out and mailed in to the City Clerk with a check/money order for the appropriate fee made payable to the "Norwich City Clerk."

During the month of May we have our #1 Dog Contest where your dog could win the tag with the #1 on it free of charge, a basket of goodies, and may even have his or her picture in the paper.  On the last business day of May, an outside party draws a name from all the contest entries for the #1 Tag!  To be eligible we require payment for the tag and a valid rabies certificate (if your current rabies information expires before July 1 of the current year).If you are not the lucky winner we will mail your tag(s) during the first week of June.

Trade Name Certificate/ DBA

A Trade Name Certificate, or DBA (abbreviation for “doing business as”), is used by owners of sole proprietorships and general partnerships who wish to do business using a name other than their own name. The owner(s) file a DBA with the town clerk in the town in which the business is based. The fee for filing a Trade Name is $10 if the form is notarized before filing or $15 if we notarize it at the time of filing.

Corporations, LLCs, LLPs, and LPs are not required to file a DBA; however, if the business wishes to market or operate as a name other than the registered name with the Connecticut Secretary of the State, then the business should file a DBA.

Fishing / Hunting Licenses

Fishing / Hunting Licenses may be obtained online or in our office. The Hunting Guides and Anglers Guide are available in our office.

Marriage License (License to get married) (See below for Certificates)


Effective October 2017 - Applicants that are 16 and 17 years old must obtain permission from a probate judge.

• Must be getting married in Norwich, CT

• Licensing performed between 8:30 am and 4:00 pm

• Both parties must present photo identification

• $50 fee payable by Visa, MasterCard, Debit Card, or Cash. No personal checks accepted.

• Both parties must be present to sign the license

• Must be getting married within 65 days of issue date

Information Needed

Both parties must appear in the office of the Town Clerk to complete the

application. They will need to know their parents names, including mothers’ maiden names, as well as their parents birthplaces. Both parties do not have to appear at the same time, although the license cannot be given out to an applicant until both parties have signed it.

After obtaining a marriage license, present it to the person who will be performing your ceremony. It is their responsibility to complete their portion of the license in black ink and return the original license to the town clerk. They must return the completed license in person or by US Mail.

After we receive the license back it becomes your certificate and you may come in and obtain certified copies from our office for $20 per certified copy.