City Manager


  • To Coordinate, supervise, direct, and control the operations of the city’s administrative departments to ensure that city employees fully and faithfully execute the laws of the state, the City Charter, and the ordinances and policies established by the City Council

The City Manager and his staff work with the members of the City Council and the mayor to ensure that their goals for the city are realized.

Description of Services

  • Responsible for administration of all departments except where department head is elected or appointed by council
  • Prepares and submits annual budget to council
  • Prepares annual reports in accordance with the City Charter

Please contact the City Manager's office as early as possible when having an event on city property to be sure you meet all necessary requirements.

Adopted Budgets
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Annual Reports
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Manager's Reports to City Council
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Manager's Quarterly Departmental Reports to City Council
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Manager's Planning & Special Meetings
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Proposed ARPA Resolutions
7/5/22 Proposed Resolution 3 - ARPA Round 2 Funding
7/5/22 Proposed Resolution 5 - Solar Seal Economic Development Grant Loan

2022 Goal Setting Meeting Videos 
Part 1 (2/5/22)
Part 2 (2/10/22)