Community Development


The department contributes to the overall economic and community development of the City of Norwich through administering and creating programs that, among other activities, benefit low and moderate-income residents.

The Department of Community Development contributes to Norwich development by investing in infrastructure and revitalization projects. The department simultaneously assists individual residents by administering programs that foster financial stability.  The department seeks to make investments based on the Five-Year Consolidated Plan as categorized below:

Provide Decent Affordable Housing

  • Programs that increase homeownership opportunities as well as promote code improvement and energy efficient housing

Create a Suitable Living Environment

  • Activities addressing quality of life issues that encourage collaboration and foster a sense of community on a city-wide scale

Expand Economic Opportunities for Low-to-Moderate Income Residents

  • Proposals that provide a measurable increase in job creation through business retention/expansion/creation
  • Proposals that will create an improved skill set and result in direct employment or business creation