The Records Division hours have been temporarily adjusted due to staffing levels.  
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Description of Services

  • Respond to public inquiries
  • Research crime and suspect information for law enforcement officers and agencies
  • Process a wide variety of records, logs, and court documents
  • Issue local permits
  • Maintain police department case reports, criminal history record information, and other related records utilizing various local, state, and national computer systems
  • Maintain custody of evidence and property
  • Direct the maintenance of department’s communications equipment, buildings / grounds, and facility
  • Animal Control Services are now handled by  NECCOG Click link to visit site for more information.

Police reports and traffic accident reports are available to the public, through this unit, at police headquarters.

The Records Division is comprised of a clerical coordinator and four records clerks who are responsible for all the organization, distribution, and retention of all police reports and maintains and reroutes all records received or generated by the department.

It is the processing point for all incident and accident reports, citations, and warrants. Requests for copies of incident and accident reports are handled through this section. On average, the records division annually processes more than 11,000 incident and 6,800 citation-generated police reports.

Evidence Custodian

The evidence custodian hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. The evidence custodian is responsible for booking in found property and all evidence items brought to them by department personnel.

The property is cataloged and stored until it can be returned to the legal owner, the case has been adjudicated in court, or until the statute of limitations has expired. Thousands of items of evidence pass through the property and evidence room each year.