Snow Removal

Snow & Ice Control

The Public Works Department is responsible snow and ice control on all city-owned public streets. The State of Connecticut DOT is responsible for snow and ice control on all state-owned roads within the borders of Norwich (Routes 2, 12, 32, 82, 97, 165, 169, I-395, and others).


The Public Works' supervisory staff continually monitors local and national weather forecasts prior to any anticipated winter weather event. If conditions are favorable, the Public Works Department will pre-treat the heavier traveled roads immediately prior to the onset of imminent winter weather. Pre-treatment prevents the bonding of packed snow to the road surface below, which aids our plow operators in keeping their streets clear and safer. Because Norwich is often on the delineation line between snow and a mix of snow and rain, pre-treatment is not always cost effective, and therefore not always applied.

Citizens’ Responsibilities

Per Norwich Code of Ordinances Sections 19-1 through 19-4.1, the responsibility of clearing sidewalks along private property that borders a public place, square or street is placed upon the private property owner.

Also, per Norwich Code of Ordinances Section 19-10, it is unlawful to plow, push, blow, or otherwise deposit snow (i.e., obstruction) on a public streets or place. This applies to, but is not limited to, the depositing of snow removed from sidewalks and/or driveways.

Parking Bans

The Norwich Police Department reserves the right to enact a parking ban during winter weather events. Parking bans will be announced on local radio broadcasts, newspapers and/or on the city website.

When a parking ban is in effect, parking is prohibited on the odd address side of the street until the conclusion of the ban.