Guidelines for Protesting a Summons

Parking Commission-Issued Summons:

Protests must be in writing

Decision-Making Procedure

  • Interview / statement from issuing officer
  • Evidence examined and a decision reached
  • Evidence includes photos of the violation, statements of witnesses / complainants
  • Response includes copies of photos and statutes cited if violation is upheld
  • Notification of the decision sent to name and address provided on protest form

If the violation is upheld, there is a payment date specified in the letter. If the payment is received after this date, the original fine doubles. Any questions should be addressed to the Office of the Norwich Parking Commission.

Second-Level Appeal:

  • Hearing may be scheduled before the Parking Commission at the next regular meeting
  • At the hearing you will have the right to present relevant information and testimony, and to ask questions of the commission and staff
  • The commission’s decision will be based on evidence presented by you, the commission staff, and the rules outlined in 14-251 of the Connecticut General Statutes

Third Level Appeal:

  • Appeal heard by the Hearing Officer of the City of Norwich
  • Hearing within 30 days of decision by Parking Commission.
  • The Decision of the Hearing Officer is final and can be appealed only to the Superior Court.

Police Department-Issued Summons:

  • Protests must be made within 48 hours of issue.
  • Protest must be filed with issuing officer.
  • Decision to waive / uphold the summons is the responsibility of the Police Officer.

Please Note: The Parking Commission has no jurisdiction over summons issued by police officers.