Guidelines for Protesting a Summons

Parking Commission-Issued Summons:

Protests must be in writing 

  • Protest forms are available at the Tax office or online
  • Protests must be received within 48 hours of summons issue
  • Protests are only valid to prove a violation did not occur
  • Protests may be: Mailed to the Tax office , Faxed to 860-823-3812, or Submitted online.

Decision-Making Procedure 

  • Interview / statement from issuing officer
  • Evidence examined and a decision reached
  • Evidence includes photos of the violation, statements of witnesses / complainants
  • Response includes copies of photos and statutes cited if violation is upheld
  • Notification of the decision sent to name and address provided on protest form

If the violation is upheld, there is a payment date specified in the letter. If the payment is received after this date, the original fine doubles. Any questions should be addressed to the Tax Office.


  • Appeal heard by the Hearing Officer of the City of Norwich
  • Hearing within 30 days of decision by Parking Commission.
  • The Decision of the Hearing Officer is final and can be appealed only to the Superior Court.

Police Department-Issued Summons: 

  • Protests must be made within 48 hours of issue.
  • Protest must be filed with issuing officer.
  • Decision to waive / uphold the summons is the responsibility of the Police Officer.

Please Note: The Parking Commission has no jurisdiction over summons issued by police officers.