Tips for Parking in Downtown Norwich

Helpful Information

The Norwich Public Parking Commission monitors parking in the City of Norwich.

Some of the parking facilities have both public and reserved parking.

The Cliff Street Lot and Railroad Avenue have free two-hour (max / day) spaces available. The Main Street Garage has free two-hour (max / day) parking. Parking is limited to once per day, between the hours of 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Free long-term municipal parking is available in the YMCA lot or Waterfront Lot,. There is no time restriction in these areas.

Overnight parking is not allowed in any City of Norwich lot or garage.

Timed Zones

There are timed zones throughout the downtown for on-street parking. Check the signs on the street before you leave your vehicle for the time limit of your area. Norwich has a policy to limit "same" street parking to once per 24-hour period. For more information relating to local parking regulations, please feel free to call the commission office.

EZ PARK PASS is available for daily off-street parking. The fee is $5/day. Passes are available at the Parking Commission Office.

If you have a reserved spot - use it! This will help keep the on-street parking open for customers. Remember that when you park on the street and also have a reserved spot, you are tying up two spaces!


If you wish to protest a summons there is a procedure in place. However, the protest must be filed within 48 hours of the summons issue.

Summons must be paid within 14 days of summons issue or the fine doubles. Date of postmark is considered the date of payment, but the responsibility for receipt rests with the violator.

There is a validation program for shoppers in downtown. Have participating merchants validate your overtime parking ticket (violation one only). This program is not valid for employees downtown.

If you have any questions, please contact the commission office.