Message from the Mayor

Welcome to Norwich, the Rose of New England.  We are a diverse community with a long history in helping to create this country, in innovation, a willingness to do the hard work necessary, community engagement and strong ties to our citizens.  Because of this we work together to make Norwich, one of the best cities in Connecticut to live, work and start a business.  

As a lifelong resident of Norwich, I am excited to see the momentum that is moving this city to become an active participant in its future and as Mayor I am proud to be part of the change.  It is my vision to use that innovation, hard work, community engagement and economic development to create an environment for us to continue to thrive and grow.  I am focusing on bringing in new business with a strong business plan and a drive to succeed, to identify and reuse our old mills, to enhance our tax base, keep down the mill rate and to provide an environment to increase jobs and business.   

Since taking office, I have focused on strengthening Norwich, revitalizing downtown, enhancing infrastructure and expanding access to government.  With the help of Norwich Community Development Corporation, our Planning and Development Department, Assessors Office, Business Location Services, many other city services and two Chambers of Commerce we are ready to help the entrepreneurs that want to make a business in Norwich.   

Peter Albert Nystrom, 
Mayor of Norwich