Submit Your Event to our Calendar

You can use this feature on our website to add your civic or cultural event to the City's Community Events calendar. Please submit your event at least two weeks in advance. Here are step-by-step instructions on what to put into each field of the form.

From the Homepage

• Click on Calendar in upper right-hand corner of our homepage

• Click on "Submit an Event"

From the Submit an Event Pop-Up


Choose “Community Events”

Title – enter a short description of the event like this: “Pie Eating Contest” – Please use title case (capitalize first letter of each word, excluding prepositions, articles, and conjunctions).

Event Date

  • You can enter a single date or use the recurring event feature, if appropriate
  • Enter the time in the following format: 3:00 PM


  • If the event location is included in the “Location” drop down menu, then you can just delete all of the information in the Address fields
  • If the event location is not included in the “Location” drop down menu, fill in the Address fields and check the “Include link to map” and “Open map in new window” boxes


If the event location is included in the drop down menu, please select it from the list

Time Details

There is a text box if you need to enter any more details about the time of the event


Text box to describe the cost of the event, if applicable


Text box to provide a more detailed description of your event. Please indicate here which organization is sponsoring the event. Do not enter any other information in this section that has already been included in one of the other sections.


You can upload a photo related to the event. Please make sure that the picture is a maximum of 450 pixels wide and under 4MB in file size.


If you have a separate webpage for the event or your organization, you can

  • Enter the URL in the Web Address field
  • Enter “Website” in the Display Text field
  • Check the Open in new window field

Contact Info

In order for interested participants to contact you for more information regarding your event, you must include a phone number and email address in this section. Requests which do not include contact info will be denied.

  • Please enter phone numbers in this format: (000) 000-0000
  • Enter the email address in the Email Address field
  • Enter “Email” or the name of the person to contact in the Display Text field