The City of Norwich provides curbside refuse collection to all residential and commercial properties that do not use dumpster service. All property owners must use this service. Refuse collection is considered a general benefit.

Rates are established by the City Council through resolution and are updated from time to time. This regulation contains the current rates. Refuse rates & charges

All municipal solid waste generated in the City of Norwich whether collected under City contracts or by privately contracted haulers must be delivered to the SCRRRA incinerator in Lisbon, CT.

The City also provides curbside recycling service to all residential property owners. This weekly service collects recyclable materials as listed in Section V of these regulations. All property owners must recycle recyclable materials regardless if they are or are not serviced by City curbside collection.

All residential property owners serviced by City refuse collection are entitled to two bulky waste pickups per calendar year. Residents must schedule these pickups directly with Willimantic Waste Paper Inc at (860) 423-4527 in advance of placing items curbside for collection.

The City operates a transfer station at 73 Rogers Road where Norwich residents and property owners can drop off waste. The transfer station will accept MSW, bulky waste, C & D waste, paper products, bottles & cans, E-waste, scrap metal, appliances, fluorescent light bulbs, propane tanks, lead acid batteries, tires, waste oil & filters, antifreeze, leaves, and brush. The fees vary for these materials and are established by the City Council.

SCRRRA sponsors one-day household hazardous waste collections at various sites throughout the region. Residents of all SCRRRA communities are eligible to use these services at any of these locations. One of these collection dates is usually at the Norwich Public Works Department garage.

Construction and demolition (C & D) waste from small renovation projects will be accepted at the Rogers Road Transfer Station. Commercial operators must make arrangements for dumpster service through private haulers.