Solid Waste Fees, Penalties, & Fines


Fees are established by the City Council. The current fee schedule is enclosed as Appendix VII-A.

Penalties and Fines

  1. Uncovered vehicles hauling solid waste – up to $50.00
  2. Dumping Class 1 or 2 not generated in Norwich - $1,000.00
  3. Littering on public property:
    • 10 lbs or less - $50.00 plus clean up charge
    • Over 10 pounds - $250.00 plus clean up charge
  4. Non compliance with recycling program:
    • First incident – warning letter
    • Second incident (and beyond):
      • $50.00 per incident – residential
      • $100.00 per incident – commercial
  5. Contaminated recyclable materials:
    • Presenting contaminated materials will not be accepted.
    • Contaminated materials dropped off into city containers:
      • Fine three (3x) times the class 1 rate for the entire load
  6. Hauling (commercial only) solid waste without a permit or in violation of a City Ordinance:
    • Loss of privileges to haul solid waste in the city and maximum fine allowed for violation of a city ordinance.
  7. Violation of any solid waste regulation:
    • Subject to loss of all disposals and drop off privileges.