Automated Garbage & Recycling Collection

General Information

The City of Norwich collects household trash and recyclables via a process known as automated garbage and recycling collection.

The City has contracted Willimantic Waste Paper, Inc. (WWP) as the hauler for all trash and recycling collection. Norwich Public Works and WWP are both dedicated to providing exceptional customer service in the collection of trash and recyclables. WWP can be reached at (860) 423-4527 or Online. Norwich Public Works can be reached at (860) 823-3798. Please do not hesitate to call either one if you have any questions or concerns.

Automated trash & recycling collection is a method of collecting household trash and recyclables where customers (residents) are provided specific heavy duty trash and recycling carts that allow waste to be collected by a specialized truck (see pictures below). Many surrounding towns and several cities around Connecticut and the country have successfully switched to automated collection in recent years.



Trash will continue to be collected once per week, however recycling will be picked up every other week. Both trash and recycling will be collected on the same day.

Customers must use the dark green trash carts and blue recycling carts in order to have their waste collected. Every cart has a white space for customers to write in their address with a permanent marker. Carts are the property of the City of Norwich and should be left with the property upon the sale of the property or relocation of tenants.  If a trash or recycling cart is lost or stolen, it is the responsibility of the property owner to purchase a replacement cart.  Carts cost $90.00 each, and can be purchased at Public Works Department, located at 50 Clinton Ave, Norwich, CT or call (860) 823-3798. We accept credit/debit card, cash or check. 

Carts are to be placed at the curb by 6 a.m. on the day of your scheduled pick-up. Most customers place their carts in front of their homes the night before.

All carts must be placed with the lid opening facing the street.

Cart Placement

In Norwich, almost all customers would fall into one of three categories for cart placement:

Customers with driveways will place their carts at the end of their driveways, off to the side.

Customers without driveways and without on-street parking will place their carts adjacent to the street in front of their homes.

Customers without driveways and with on-street parking will place their carts to be picked up by the collection truck’s mechanical arm without having to reach over a parked car. This is typically done by putting the cart slightly into the street between parked cars.

Other Information

Collection schedules are available by street.

All refuse and recyclables must be placed INSIDE the designated carts. It’s okay if the lids only close half way, but materials placed to the sides of the carts and/or on top of a closed lid cart will NOT be picked up.

  • Exception: For the one week period following the 4th of July holiday and the one week period following the Christmas holiday, call the Public Works Department at (860) 823-3798 to request extra garbage bags and/or recyclable materials placed NEATLY next to the carts to be picked up.
  • If customers have extra garbage bags that won’t fit inside their carts (perhaps following a party) on a week other than the 4th of July or Christmas holidays, they have two options to dispose of their garbage:
    • Utilize 1 of their 2 yearly allotted bulky waste pickups by contacting WWP in advance.
    • Bring excess garbage to the Rogers Road Transfer Station during normal operating hours, including Saturday, and dispose of kitchen bags for $1 per bag or large black garbage bags for $2 per bag. Customers must provide proof of Norwich residency to utilize the transfer station.

All customers are allowed 2 free bulky waste pickups per year, scheduled by appointment. Bulky waste pickups can be scheduled by calling WWP or through the WWP website.

Backyard collection service is available. For weekly pickup of garbage and recycling the price is $485.00 per year and for bi-weekly pickup (every other week) the price is $242.50 per year. Please contact Public Works for more information on backyard collection service.

Please refer to the City of Norwich and WWP website for more information on automated collection, recycling, and frequently asked questions.

Thank you.