Immigrant Integration Resources


"The more I traveled, the more I realized that fear makes strangers of people who should be friends."
Mother Teresa


Norwich, CT is home to many newcomers from all parts of the world who bring a diversity of cultures, backgrounds, skills and aspirations to the social, economic and political fabric of the city. Immigrant Integration Resources provides links to the various services and supports available to Norwich's foreign-born residents and their families, as well as webpages in which information can be shared, such as calendars of events and opportunities for civic and community involvement. Please explore these web pages to access useful information and to recognize some of the people and organizations in Norwich that contribute to the city's vibrancy and growth today.

13.8% of the population in Norwich is foreign-born. Immigrant Integration is a two-way process that aims to welcome and help acclimate newcomers and their families to the local social and business environments while also honoring a breadth of cultural diversity. Efforts by both immigrants and the recipient society can help to bridge cultural divides and shape and foster cohesive and thriving communities that everyone can contribute to and enjoy.


Please contact us with any questions, comments or ideas for other resources or happenings. We will do our best to respond or accommodate your requests. You can reach us by phone at (860) 823-3742.

"Twenty-nine years later, I still vividly recall what it was like to see and play in snow for the very first time, see a real skunk outside of a cartoon character, and be the only African-American in most of my senior classes. Working in Career Services and throughout our community, I often speak with immigrants who are usually skeptical to converse in English - many in fear of 'not being good enough.' As for Norwich, asking me what I would like to see in my beloved community is like taking a child into a candy store and asking what would you like to try." Celeste Warner, Career Services/Academic Advisor, Three Rivers Community College