What permits are required and available through police department?
Please note no permit applications will be processed after 4:00 p.m.

Amusement Machine Arcade License –
Six or more machines … $25.00 per year
Source – City Ord. Sec. 5-14

Junk/Second Hand Articles Dealers Permit –
Fee … $10.00 per year
Source – City Ord. Sec. 21-11

Vendor License (Peddlers/Hawkers) –
Fee … $200.00 per year
Veterans … No Fee
Nonprofit/Charitable Organizations … Fee Waived
Source – City Ord. Sec. 15-1

Auctioneer License –
Residents …………………………. No Fee
Nonresidents ……………………… $250.00 per year
Nonprofit/Charitable Organizations . $10.00 per year
Source – City Ord. Sec. 15-1

Solicitor Permit –
No fee
Source – City Ord. Sec. 15-14

Lodging House License –
Fee … $50.00 per year
Source – CGS 21-48

Pistol & Revolver Permit –
Carry … $70.00 – 60 day temporary state license
Sale … $200.00 per year
Source – CGS Sec. 29-30

State pistol permit information

Purchasers of Precious Metals, Stones & Jewelry License –
Fee … $10.00 per year
Source – CGS Sec. 21-100

Pawnbrokers License –
Initial Fee … $50.00
Renewal …. $25.00 per year
Source – CGS Sec. 21-40

Secondhand Dealers License –
Initial Fee … $250.00
Renewal … $100.00
Source – CGS Sec. 21-40

Raffle/Bazaar Permit –
Class 1 Raffle … $25.00
Class 2 Raffle … $10.00
Class 3 Bazaar . $10.00 per day
Class 4 Raffle … $ 5.00
Class 5 Raffle … $40.00
Class 6 Raffle … $50.00
(City half of fee – split with State)
Source – CGS Sec. 7-176

Payments are requested in either cash, certified bank check, business check or money order made payable to the City of Norwich. No personal checks are accepted. Permits must be paid for at the time of pick-up.

It is the policy of the Norwich Police Records Division to provide copies of records in lieu of original documents. This policy is established to provide for the protection of records and to prevent interference with the regular discharge of Norwich Police Records Division duties. The right to examine original records does not require inspection of original documents that contain information that is exempt from disclosure. The Norwich Police Records Division acts reasonably if it furnishes a copy of the original document, with the exempt material redacted (blanked out).

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