How do I register for Day-Long Trips?


  • Day #1 Sign Up - For Norwich resident members only
  • Day #2 Sign Up - Includes out-of-town members
  • Day #3 Sign Up - Open registration - includes any adult 18 years of age and older

Procedure Starting at 5:00 pm, call (860) 889-5960. When you hear the message saying that the center is closed, dial 104. Listen to the instructions and leave a message with your contact information, guest names, meal choice, etc.

If you are not directed to the trip registration voice mailbox, it means that the line is busy. Please hang up and try in a few minutes.

Trip Registration Guidelines

  • Adults only are permitted to go on trips with the Rose City Senior Center (no youth permitted).
  • You may register yourself and up to two adult guests; additional guests can register during open registration.
  • During open registration, any aged adult may register to go on trips with the Rose City Senior Center. You do not have to be a member or a senior to go on trips.
  • You may register in person only after your phone-in registration day has passed and if space is still available, otherwise your name will be placed on a waiting list.
  • Names will be added to the registration list or waiting list in the order that the messages or names are received.
  • If you leave a message but do not follow the procedure and guidelines (i.e. message left before 5:00 pm, etc.), the message will be disregarded and you will be responsible for registering again following the correct procedure.
  • We must receive your full payment (check or cash) within one week of the day you registered on, or you will lose your spot. Payment can be made in person or by mail.
  • If you cancel two or more weeks before the trip, you will receive a reimbursement.
  • If you cancel within two weeks of a trip, you will receive a reimbursement only if your seat is filled.
  • You are responsible for finding your own transportation to and from the trip departure / return point.
  • Emergency Contact / Waiver Forms must be filled out each year. The completed form must be turned in or mailed to the senior center before the trip.
  • The Rose City Senior Center Director and program administrator reserve the right to limit or deny participation in any part of a trip or deny registration for a trip, for any reason (i.e. health reasons).
  • Each individual should use their own discretion about their ability to participate on a trip before they register.

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