What do I need to know about opening a pawn shop, buy/sell precious metals, gems, coins or be a second-hand dealer?

Application Fees

Pawnbroker (Sec. 21-40 CGS) - Initial application $50.00 / annual renewal $25.00
(Shall also file at the Police Department, a bond with competent surety, in the penal sum of $2,000)

The payment of renewal fee and surety bond will be waived if person holds a license as a Secondhand Dealer

Precious Metals, Gemstones and Coins Dealer (Sec. 21-100 CGS) - $10.00 annually

Secondhand Dealer (PA11-100, sec. 10) – Initial application $250.00 / annual renewal $100.00
(Shall also file at the police Department, a bond with competent surety, in the penal sum of $10,000.00)

*All fees are payable by business check, certified bank draft, money order or U.S. Postal money order.

A license issued for one category does not allow a person to engage in activity applicable to another category. A separate license must be obtained for each category.

Any person and/or firm who has made prior application to and has satisfactorily met the statutory requirements to engage in or transact business in this State pursuant to Sec. 12-409 CGS and who desires to conduct business as a licensed pawnbroker, precious metals / gemstones and coin dealers and or a secondhand dealer within the City of Norwich as defined by Public Act 11-100 of the General Statutes shall meet the following requirements as established by the Chief of Police (hereinafter identified as the “Issuing Authority”);

1) Complete the appropriate application and addendum for the specific license desired and return the form with the statutory fee (listed above) to the Norwich Police Department, 70 Thames Street, Norwich, CT 06360. License applications can be obtained from the Records Division during regular business hours or by calling (860) 886-5561.

2) ALL applicants shall have their fingerprints taken at the Norwich Police Department. Three separate fees must be paid with three separate checks or money orders. All fingerprinting fees are non-refundable.

(a). $10.00 for town residents, $20.00 for out of town residents cash only.

(b). $16.50 fee, bank check or money order made out to the “Treasurer, State of Connecticut” which will be submitted to the Connecticut State Police Bureau of Identification for a criminal history/records check from the FBI.

(c). $50.00 fee, bank check or money order made out to ““Treasurer, State of Connecticut” for the State criminal history/records check.

Per statute, the “Issuing Authority” shall not grant a license to any applicant upon documentation or finding that the person is a “convicted felon”.

3) ALL applicants shall submit photocopies of the following documents at the time of

- Current driver’s license
- Birth certificate OR
- Social security card
- Connecticut Sales and Tax Permit - issued by the Commissioner of Revenue Services, 25 Sigourney Street, Hartford, Telephone (860) 297-5962 or (800) 382-9463
- Proof of bond from competent surety if required

4) Incomplete applications or those submitted without the proper supporting documentation shall be returned to the applicant.

5) Each Person engaging or transacting in such business must be licensed.

Applications approved by the Chief of Police will result in the issuance of a permit as a licensed pawnbroker, precious metal and gem stone dealer, or second hand dealer. Such permits will be valid from the date they are signed by Chief of Police and will expire on December 31st of each year.

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