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Mohegan Park Lakeside Pavilion


  1. Open Space
  2. Picnic Tables

Amenity Information

 80 people max.Fully enclosed cottage with outside deck overlooking Spaulding Pond


The cost to rent the Lakeside Pavilion is $225 per day (Revised January 2022). The facility is available from April 15 through October 15 of any given year.

Public Works begins taking reservations the start of each new year. Reservations are on a first come first serve basis. 

The Lakeside Pavilion has a fully enclosed space with lighting, seating and tables to accommodate approximately 80 people. It also has a large deck adjacent to and overlooking beautiful Spaulding Pond. Full restroom facilities are available in a nearby building.


Typical setup of the pavilion is six (6) tables each with six (6) chairs.  There are extra chairs and tables for renters to set up according to their needs.

Rules & Regulations
The consumption of beer and wine in moderation is permitted in the pavilion area only.

Beverages are not to be dispensed in glass containers.

No pets allowed.

No swimming allowed except in designated areas.

Parking is available in the parking lot below the concession stand or in any other paved parking lot. No parking is allowed at the pavilion. The driveway leading to the pavilion from the upper lot may be used to drop off food and other picnic needs by motor vehicle, however there is no parking is allowed on the driveway. Accessing the pavilion by motor vehicle from Park Center (area near and around the fountain) is not allowed.

Music from musicians, DJs, or recordings will be permitted at a moderate level. Excessively loud music from musicians or recordings will not be permitted.

For cooking purposes gas grills may be brought and used at the pavilion.  No other cooking appliances are allowed (electric, charcoal, etc.).  Gas grills are to be used outside of the pavilion building.  Gas grills may not be used in the pavilion or on the deck.

Burning in the fireplace is not allowed.

Users are responsible for reasonable cleanliness of the pavilion area. The city will provide refuse receptacles.

All occupants must conduct themselves in an orderly manner. Those who do not abide by the rules and regulations will not be granted another permit to use the facility.

Permits will be issued to recognized organizations and family groups only. Tickets are not to be sold outside permitted group.

The permit fee is not refundable should this reservation be cancelled, unless the pavilion can be rented to another group for the same day.

Neither tickets nor refreshments may be sold.

The pavilion area will be opened at 11:00 am and closed at sunset. Police are to take notice and will ask you to leave at sunset.

Nothing is to be brought into the pavilion such as: tents, tables, chairs, etc. You may only use that which is provided for you. Also, no tables and chairs are to be removed from inside the pavilion.

Posting of signs anywhere in Mohegan Park is strictly prohibited.

No egg tossing games allowed. 

Pressurized string cans are not allowed.

Public Works and/or Police personnel have the right to enter and inspect the pavilion at any time to enforce all rules and regulations.

Renters will be responsible for pulling the window screens down, leaving all trash bags inside the building and locking the pavilion doors.

Directions to the Lakeside Pavilion 

From Route 2 East (Exit 13A off 395 North or Exit 13B from 395 South)

Follow Route 2 East all the way to the end. The Route 2 connector will end at a major intersection. At the traffic light proceed straight through the intersection. Follow Route 169 Harland Road up the hill to the traffic light. At this intersection you will turn right onto Ox Hill Road. Take Ox Hill Road and make a right turn onto Mahan Drive and follow the first left onto John Edwards Drive.

Proceed to the top of the hill and make a left. Follow the first right and turn onto Park Center Road. The parking lot will be on the left. At the end of parking lot, chain link fence will be opened to allow access to walk down road to the pavilion