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Norwich Heritage & Regional Visitors Center

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Daniel Lathrop School House
The school house was deeded to Daniel Lathrop, mentor of Benedict Arnold, upon Lathrop's death in 1783. Lathrop left an endowment for a free school to remain open seven months out of the year to enable children to receive a good education. The stipulation for the school was it was to remain open for eleven months out of the year. The school was opened in 1787 and the first teacher was Ebenezer Punderson. The teacher who taught at the school the longest was Mr. William Baldwin who was considered an excellent instructor, but rigid disciplinarian. The school house stayed open for fifty years and in 1843, the Lathrop donation was relinquished. The building is in the Colonial/Georgian style.

The school house was dedicated as the Norwich Heritage & Regional Visitors Center in 2015.
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