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Norwichtown Historic District

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  1. Listed on National Register of Historic Places

Roughly bounded by Huntington Lane, Scotland Road, and Washington, Town and East Town Streets.

Contains the Following Historic Landmarks:

  • Daniel Lathrop Coit House
  • Lowthorpe Meadows
  • Thomas Lathrop House
  • Olmstead-Lathrop House
  • Dr. Joshua Lathrop House
  • East District School
  • Thomas Williams House
  • Leffingwell House
  • Samuel Manning House
  • Lord's Tavern
  • Lathrop House
  • Knight-Peck Tavern
  • Simon Huntington House
  • First Congregational Church
  • Jesse Brown Tavern
  • Joseph Carpenter's Shop
  • Daniel Lathrop School
  • Norwichtown Burying Ground
  • Samuel Huntington House
  • Jedediah and Ebenezer Huntington House
  • Colonel Joshua Huntington House
  • Bradford-Huntington House
  • Reverend Joseph Strong House
  • Thomas Danford House
  • Avery and Tracy House
  • Christopher Huntington House
  • The Gardner Carpenter House

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