What are the bulky waste guidelines?

Residents are allowed 2 curbside bulky waste pickups per year. Residents may schedule a bulky waste pickup by calling Willimantic Waste Paper (WWP) at 860-423-4527 or by going to the WWP website to reserve a pick up via online reservation. The quantity of materials placed for a curbside bulky waste pile should be equivalent to what would fit in a standard pickup truck bed, not to exceed 6ft x 10ft x 4ft. Curbside bulky waste pickups are not for intended for entire house/apartment cleanouts. Very large quantities of bulky waste should be brought to the transfer station for a fee, or properly disposed of commercially (i.e., dumpster service). Household furniture (including mattresses) - Maximum of two pieces per pick up. Wooden items; such as chairs, bureaus, etc. can exceed limit of two pieces. Tires - Maximum of four automobile and / or small pickup truck tires. They cannot be on the metal rims, no large truck tires. White Goods - Two appliances per pickup. Anything with freon, such as refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers, is subject to a $10 environmental charge per item. The refuse hauler will take note and you will be billed separately. Metal - Maximum length of eight feet. Maximum weight of 50 pounds per piece. Scrap Wood - A neat pile not to exceed four feet wide, eight feet long and three feet high. PLEASE NOTE: Construction debris such as shower surrounds, sinks, tubs, toilets, sheet-rock, or roof shingles are not eligible for bulky waste pickup and should be either delivered directly to the Transfer Station or removed by a private contractor.

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