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Letter of Zoning Compliance

  1. Upon request the Zoning Officer will provide a Letter of Zoning Compliance. Based on the information on file, the letter will contain the specifics regarding the property and the zone in which it is located. It will state if the use is conforming or existing non-conforming and if the lot coverage, setbacks, parking, etc. are conforming or not. We will check the electronic and paper files for any open ZONING violations and will address only Zoning violations. If the research indicates that there may be housing or building code violations it will be stated in the letter and you will be directed to the appropriate contact. This does not guarantee that there may not be violations that a physical inspection of the files by you or your representative my reveal.
  2. Attention: A letter of zoning compliance will only indicate if any zoning issues exist. If other issues such as blight, building, or fire code are found during review they will be mentioned. This does not guarantee those violations may not exist. Any liens on the property will be on file in the City Clerk's office. A letter of zoning compliance is not a substitute that a proper title search would revile, and should not be used as an FOI request. Documents will not be attached to a letter of zoning compliance. 

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  5. The fee associated with a Letter of Zoning Compliance is $20.00. Once the letter is generated you will receive an email with payment instructions and a link to the online payment portal as a payment option.
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